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Designed with your convenience in mind, looms streamlines the borrowing process, reduces operational cost while minimizing the credit risk.

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Faster and Better

Decrease in turnaround time
Increase in customer acquisition
Operational cost reduction

Use cases

Expert Solutions for Every Lending Category

Personal lending

Streamline loan application, approval, and servicing processes for all types of personal loans.

SME lending

Simplify complex SME lending to speed up underwriting processes, enabling faster access to capital for businesses.


Manage and streamline your leasing operations with our comprehensive solution.

Purchase finance

Offer seamless purchase finance options, including Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) and embedded lending to boost your sales.

We know a better way

A seamless LOS and LMS with features that will make everything else seem obsolete


Speed up loan approvals and enhance decision-making with our Loan Origination solution. Say goodbye to manual tasks and hello to automated efficiency.


Intelligent Data Collection and Processing is a solution to extract and process paper-based documents enabling lenders to make instant decisions and minimize risks.

  • Bank Statements
  • Tax Reports
  • Pay slip, invoice, etc.

Decision flow

Development of custom decision flow of the new loan application with both automatic and manual processes.

  • Custom decision flow
  • Automatic decision by scoring output
  • Manual review and decision by customer analysts
  • Manual application return with message to notify the customer

Borrower Portal

A white-label mobile-responsive website that offers borrowers an application-like user experience, enhancing customer satisfaction, and engagement.

  • Create loan requests and track status
  • Manage active loans and make repayments


Take control of your lending operations like never before with our user-friendly Loan Management System, designed to simplify complex tasks and boost productivity.

Product Engineering

Product engine gives you the total control of loan product configuration.The entire process of creating and launching new loan products takes a few minutes compared to few months with legacy systems.

Collateral Management

Able to support a wide range of collateral asset types, which can be dynamically created. In addition, the collateral module also allows clients to perform collateral valuations and track changes of the valuation.


Customizable dashboard to get all the business-related information for your decision making. Metrics including,

  • Business performance
  • Finance and risk
  • Customer analysis
  • Collection & operation efficiency and more.

Debt collection

Maximize recoveries and minimize costs with our smart Debt Collection solution. Leverage data analytics and automation to enhance your collection strategies.


By implementing an intelligent bucketing system, looms facilitates a more structured and targeted approach to debt collection, allowing financial institutions to allocate resources efficiently and increase the likelihood of successful recoveries.

Collection effort automation

Looms’ collection effort automation feature automates repetitive tasks such as payment reminders and follow-up communications, reducing manual intervention and freeing up collection agents to focus on more complex cases and personalized interactions with customers.

Task management

By providing a centralized platform for task allocation and monitoring, looms enhances collaboration among collection teams, fosters accountability, and optimizes overall performance, leading to more efficient and successful debt collection outcomes.

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Smart credit decisioning for SME lenders

Smart Credit Decisioning for SME Lenders [in Southeast Asia]

Looms introduces a new era in SME lending with its fully configurable products designed specifically for the unique needs of small and medium-sized enterprises in Asia. Representing the economic backbone of the region, the 70 million MSMEs in ASEAN are crucial for development and growth, yet face a significant $5.2

Built by Lenders, for Lenders

Born from our group company’s successful lending operations in Asia, our platform brings together practical lending experience and cutting-edge technology. We’ve lived the challenges of the lending industry, learning and adapting, and have turned our insights into software solutions designed to make lending simpler, faster, and more efficient.

Our team

We are a team of innovators, technologists, and lenders. Our team comprises highly skilled developers, seasoned product professionals, and management experts. Each brings unique insights and expertise, contributing to our mission of revolutionizing the lending landscape.

“We strive to serve excellence”

Our vision

Our vision is to empower lenders in Southeast Asia, a region where a significant portion of the population is underbanked and underfinanced. We see immense potential in harnessing technology to make credit more accessible to those who need it and enabling lenders to tap into this market. Through our innovative software solutions, we strive to bridge the gap between lenders ready for expansion and potential borrowers in need of financial services.

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We’re here for anything you need. Contact us today to see how Looms can directly impact your top and bottom line.